Friday, June 1, 2012


Only I would open with an old school Go-Go’s video!

Yes, dear friends, the teenagers are no longer my responsibility between the hours of seven and three. I’m sending them out to you, or to law enforcement, dependent upon the kid. 
But don’t call me because I’m on hiatus.
For the next ten weeks I plan to live the life of the middle-class unemployed, but without worrying about a paycheck, or looking for a job. I plan to be shoe less until Labor Day. I plan to read lots of books, rot my mind with a little daytime television, and go to yoga in the mornings. It’s like being a housewife who doesn't have kids or responsibilities.
Man, I love my job!
Anyway, I read a bunch of Donald Miller this year and decided I need to live a better story. Since I’m not exactly sure what that story entails just yet, I’m starting with a list of things I want to do, just to do them. We’ll see if this gets me anywhere.
So here’s the list:
1.    Write Everyday
2.    Lose 25 Pounds
3.    Read six books other than the Bible
4.    Do something weekly to help others
5.    Do something weekly that is “interesting”
6.    Live a more organized life.
7.    Finish the Bible in ninety days
8.    Exercise at least five times a week.
9.    Develop three deeper relationships
10.  Learn to handle “clutter” and “noise”.
I tell my students constantly life is one big adventure and lately I feel a bit hypocritical
because I don’t live that way. Most people don’t. Since I really don’t want to be “most
people”, I need to make some changes. And the list basically covers it.

On Writing
My number one entry on the list is to write daily.
I’m working on a book. Right now it is titled Kicking Down the Door and it’s about basically living a better, healthier life. I’ll be sharing a few pieces of this here as we go.
I’d like to blog two or three entries a week. Probably I’ll write about what I’m reading or thinking about at the moment, but right now I’d like to focus more on what I’m doing. Historically, I don’t do much. I’d like to change some of that this summer.

Next Week
I’m on the road to Orange Beach, Alabama come Sunday. If I have internet access, and a free moment, you guys will see writing. Otherwise, you’ll see a lot of stuff on Saturday or Sunday, once I’ve recuperated from my five days of being responsible for the merry band of teenagers of whom I do not know just yet.
Talk about an adventure! 


  1. I'm so excited you are starting a blog! I think I will read it when I take my daily walks so that I will miss you less. I'm going to make a list, too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yoga Princess I miss you, too!!! Make a list-- I'm sure it will be AWESOME!!!

  3. Good news. I can help with the pounds, the exercise, and the doing something "interesting." ;)

  4. Did you know I'm a freelance editor? Let me know if I can help with anything--or help you find someone who can. Excited about your summer adventure!