Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Waiting

First things first: you need a copy of the book.

I bought mine for my reader. I think it was five bucks.

 However, for free you can get the entire text right here:

The Introduction

Here’s the deal: I don’t want to get into Spanish mysticism within the Catholic Church, the reformation of the Catholic Church, Council of Trent, etc. It’s not important to what I feel like is the purpose of this blog, or even the purpose of The Interior Castle.

If you find that subject interesting, as I do, my suggestion is to Google it and read at your leisure.

And so we begin:

 St. Teresa of Avila wrote a book still read over four hundred years later.

 But yet she was reluctant to write it.

 The idea came to her, and she did discuss the concept in correspondence with friends and relatives, but she didn't act on her idea until asked.

 And then, she did it reluctantly and only out of submission to her superiors.  

 Keep in mind there were some other issues at hand. The Interior Castle is a book about prayer and having a personal relationship with God. St. Teresa, a mystic, was already criticized by many because she experienced visions. But despite knowledge of her critics, St. Teresa followed the directive of her confessor and completed the writing humbly.

How many people do this today? We have a great idea and sit on it until someone just so happens to ask?

 Our society is incredibly aggressive. Even the phrase “work hard” has an edge to it—a certain assertive power creating an ego inappropriate to our existence. And although time consuming, all out effort is not bad, sometimes, actually oftentimes, our motives are wildly inappropriate.

 “Waiting” can seem so foreign. When I want something, I want it at the speed of McDonald’s, even if what I want requires effort. Honestly, I’m rarely interested in the bigger picture.

 And how much I miss because of my own impatience . . .

 There is so much of the Bible focused on waiting with faith and patience. But yet I fail at this often, due to my own selfish desires that have very little to do with God.

 So I’m going to leave with this:

“Blessed is the one who listens to me, watching at my doors day by day, waiting beside my doorway.” Proverbs 8:34

And tomorrow we shall read the preface.


  1. How true, Karen. Even the waiting at the speed of McDonald's frustrates me sometimes :) Thank you for this verse - Prov 8:34 I will meditate on it and use it in prayer as a promise.

  2. Waiting has a curious edge to it. True, we are bombarded with the promise of instant gratification. So much is instantly available to us with the click of a mouse button. Yet, how many of us curiously and unknowingly wile our life away waiting for something else...a different job, a relationship, a family, a vacation.....thinking once I get that thing, then I will be happy, content or whatever.

    I guess the irony is that becuase I often lack patience when needed, I encumber myself with unnecessary frustration. There is much to be learned in seasons of waiting, perhaps most importantly is finding contentment.