Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If Not You, Who???

Her audience was the nuns of the convents of Lady of Carmel. The subject was prayer. She was told by her Confessor that “women understand one another’s language best” and the “sisters’ affection for (her) would make them pay special attention to (her) words”.
She begins though with a discussion of obedience. Again, this assignment wasn’t her idea. She was sickly and had other duties at the convent.
So to perform the task given to her, she prayed.

 “May He, Who has helped me in other more difficult matters, aid me with His grace for this, for I trust in His mercy.”
I like this.

I just wrote it on a sticky note and put it on the refrigerator.
Obedience is difficult sometimes, particularly when the task at hand is arduous. Most Christians are conflicted in some way or another in regards to big decisions. My inclination is to always say pray it out. And I do believe prayer is vital. However, sometimes it does indeed boil down to action.  

The book of James (which seems to be where I’m focusing right now in this endeavor), talks about living “out the message” not “ . . . merely listen(ing) to it and so deceive yourself” (James 1:22). Our intensions are good. We “intend” to do all of those wonderful acts in obedience, but will we?
My friend Denise told me once she had a professor in college who used to say, “If not you who? If not now, when?”

As Christians that’s something we should consider. Think about what good we can do in the world, typically by simple acts. I’m not even talking about the big things. I’m talking about just the day-to-day decisions that if we were focusing on God (which means we were also loving our neighbor as well), how much better our world would be.
Tomorrow’s reading is based upon Chapter One, Parts One and Two.


  1. Reminds me of a quote by Bonhoeffer ~ "Only he who believes is obedient and only he who is obedient believes."

    Or as Yoda would say....Do or Do Not. There is no try

    My two cents, is that the pathway to obedience is blocked by our own pride.

  2. Just wrote that quote down and plan to post it on my refrigerator too. Great reminder... it's the little things that seem to get me down lately.